Laser Plumbing Coffs Harbour is well-manned to meet all your plumbing requirements. Meet our team below!

Ian Bamford

Ian Bamford was employed by Frank and Gwenda Murphy as a skilled labourer for approximately 6 years prior to undertaking studies to gain his qualifications as a plumbing contractor.

Before working in the plumbing industry, he was a qualified mechanic for some 12 years and was also employed as a bank officer for the National Australia Bank for approximately 7 years. He is also a volunteer/retained fire fighter with NSW Fire Brigade since 1979.

Helen Bamford

Helen Bamford was employed in the banking industry from 1979 for some 17 years until retrenchment in 1996. During this time, she was employed mostly with Westpac but also spent 12 months with the National Australia Bank.

While working at the bank, she undertook various courses on bookkeeping, accounting and computers. The role developed her extraordinary customer focus, ability to prioritise and attention to detail.