Energy Efficient Check List

  • Defrost Your freezer - it will run more efficiently
  • Fix dripping taps inside and outside the home.
  • make sure the temperature of your hot water is 55 degrees at the tap
  • Turn the hot water cylinder off if you are going away for more than one week.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in the shower.
  • Install a water saving shower head if you shower fills a 10litre bucket in less than 60 seconds.
  • A shower is more efficient than a bath because it uses less water
  • Keep your bathroom door closed to prevent moisture spreading throughout your house.
  • Use cold water to wash your clothes

How Blockages Occur

Blockages can occur for a variety of reasons, however most blockages are preventable.

How Water Leaks Occur

Water leaks are often only noticed when the consumer receives either an extraordinary high water bill or, in exceptional cases, a phone call from the local council notifying of the high usage. Some water leaks, however, are extremely noticeable and require immediate attention.

What to Do When Your Water Tank is Leaking

The most important thing to do is stop the flow of water into the tank. Locate the stop tap, normally located where the cold water supply comes into the hot water unit, and turn the water off.